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Sony Extends 3D Bravia Range With NX713 and NX813.


Sony Extends 3D Bravia Range With NX713 and NX813.

Sony has announced two new 3D enabled Bravia TVs that will sit at the top of its range - the NX713 and NX813. The NX713 is available in 40in and 46in sizes, while the NX813 is a 55in model only.

Both feature Sony’s striking monolith design with extra slim bezels and concealed touch sensitive controls. The sets also have a new stand that can be angled back by six degrees to provide the perfect viewing angle, and also integrate 2.1 sound.

Both also offer Sony’s Internet Video, which offers access to YouTube and LoveFilm. We were disappointed not to see the LoveFilm service added to the PS3 following the announcements yesterday of other streaming services for the console, so perhaps this is a deliberate ploy from Sony to persuade you to plump for its TV as well as its console.

Also on offer in Internet video are news feed updates from Twitter and Facebook, access to photo-sharing site Flickr and, we are told, the FIFA World Cup Collection, which as well as highlights of 18 tournaments, features the England team standing on a pitch looking at the white round thing called a ball as if they’re never seen one before, set to the continuous soundtrack of high-pitched Vuvuzelas. Probably.

The two TV’s both offer edge LED backlighting, and 3D capability can be added when you want via an optional 3D Sync Transmitter that need to be purchased separately.

The NX713 offers Motionflow 100Hz Pro, while on the NX813 this is upgraded to Motionflow 200Hz Pro, designed to sort out the motion nasties that would otherwise afflict LCD based TVs.

The Bravia NX713 and NX-813 will be available from September, and Sony said it would provide pricing in a few days time. Such a teaser.

Link: Sony UK

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