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Sony Expands Its SD Card Range

David Gilbert


Sony Expands Its SD Card Range

Sony has unveiled a new range of SD memory cards boosting the transfer speeds up to 20Mb/s on its high-end Expert series of cards. As well as announcing three new ranges of SDHC cards, Sony has announced the first ever file rescue software with AVCHD support.

The new SDHC cards come in three series: Expert, Experience and Essential. The Expert series, as you probably guessed, is aimed at the high-end market ideal for memory-hungry applications, from Full HD video to continuous burst shooting and 3D imaging. The Expert series boasts data transfer speeds of 20MB/s, which is pretty fast though no where near the 30Mb/s speed of the SanDisk Extreme range. The Expert series comes in sizes of 8GB, 16Gb and 32GB. We are awaiting a reply from Sony regarding prices for the new cards, which will be available in January.

The Experience series is the interim range though still boasting impressive speeds of 15MB/s and coming in sizes of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Sony is aiming these cards at people “shooting stills and Full HD video with your DSLR camera or camcorder.” Finally the Essential series is the value range with sizes of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB available. Sony didn’t release the speeds of the Essential series but it is marked as a Class 4 SD card which means transfer speeds of about 4MB/s. Sony see these cards as being an add-on for boosting the storage capacity of your entry-level digital camera or camcorder.

Everyone buying any of the Expert or Experience series SDHC cards will get two free software downloads. The first, and most impressive, is the File Rescue HD software, which now supports AVCHD video file for the first time. The software will recover as many as 90 percent of mistakenly deleted image files. “In a world first by Sony, this easy-to-use file recovery software can now retrieve AVCHD movies recorded with any brand of camera/camcorder alongside JPEG, MPEG-1 and MP4 files,” Sony claim. Buyers will also get Sony’s x-Pict Story software, which allows for slideshow creation etc.

We will of course update you once we hear anything regarding the pricing for the new series of memory cards and a more specific launch date.

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