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Sony Expands Entry Level Walkmans

Gordon Kelly


Sony Expands Entry Level Walkmans

The mobile phone market may slowly be cannibalising MP3 player growth but there's always room for a decent budget player or two...

Sticking to its alphabetic naming system Sony has announced the 'B Series' and 'E Series' Walkman lines - both designed to make barely more than a dint in your wallet (though without actually naming the pricing).

Each straddles tried and tested formulas. First up, the B Series is the latest in a long line of Sony USB drive based players with a direct USB connection, mass storage support for drag and drop data transfer and a healthy 18 hour battery life. Handily just a three minute charge will also power up to 90 minutes of listening. Take that iPod shuffle.

As for the E Series this treads the usual fussy-iPod-nano-look that Sony has just about perfected over the years. It sports a 2in QVGA colour display, an FM tuner, drag and drop content support and plays the usual array of audio and video formats including WMA and WMV. A Walkman first also sees "support for video file format conversion via the supplied Content Transfer software" eliminating the need for third party solutions.

Sony keeps up its usual high battery standards with up to 30 hours of music or six hours of continuous video playback from a single charge. Capacities will range up to 16GB.

Both the Sony Walkman B Series and E Series will go on sale from the end of July with what we can only assume will be reasonable RRPs...


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July 14, 2009, 9:24 pm

This is brilliant. At this rate I expect the new A or S-series to come with 32GB in the next couple of months, and hopefully with the same S-Master amp as the X-series for people who do not want touchscreen.


July 14, 2009, 10:54 pm

If Sony had tried this hard to produce good low price drag'n'drop mp3 players before they would have had a much larger market.... strange how Sandisk has beaten the mighty Sony on personal audio for years

let's hope TR can get us some price details and reviews soon


July 14, 2009, 11:11 pm

Yey, first one to 32GB with a reasonably priced MP3 player (i.e. iPod Nano or Sony S-series) will get my custom. I currently have one of Sony's first 1GB stick MP3 players and am itching to upgrade...32GB is my prerequisite though, so I can comfortably fit my current library of music with room for expansion.


August 27, 2009, 9:23 pm

Try as I might I am really failing to see why I would get this and not the NWZ-S639... I've poured through the specifications on the Sony website and can only find reasons NOT to buy this over the NWZ-S639. What am I missing?

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