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Sony Ericsson Suspends Satio Sales

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson Suspends Satio Sales


Sony Ericsson has suspended sales of its flagship 12 megapixel Satio mobile phone this week after a major software glitch saw "high levels" of customers return the handset.

According to The Times the issue meant when customers "tried to access certain applications, the handset powered down" - not really something that should have escaped beta testing. Apparently the fix is fairly substantial since Sony Ericsson has admitted it cannot be corrected via an OTA update and instead will need to recall affected models.

The problem is hoped to be resolved in time for Christmas, though no formal date was announced. It is also unclear at this stage whether malfunctioning models are like this out of the box or can develop the flaw over time. We hope/it would seem to be the former since Sony Ericsson hasn't announced any formal recall and confirmed it will continue its high profile nationwide Satio advertising campaign despite the model not being on shop shelves.

The news couldn't come at a worse time for Sony Ericsson which has suffered dismal financial quarter after dismal financial quarter. In fact it's latest results saw quarterly sales drop 45.1 per year sale on year, revenue almost half to $2.4bn and a need to bring in $678.8m in outside funding.

So losing your flagship product in the run up to Christmas, not a great business strategy...


via The Times

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