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Sony Ericsson Reveals Motion Activated Earbuds

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson Reveals Motion Activated Earbuds

Last week a Sony teaser site proclaimed "Come back here on the 21st of September to see how the way you listen to music changes forever." We went back, it didn't - though it is kinda cool...

What we were served up is actually something pretty straightforward, but long overdue: motion sensing earphones. In short the 'MH907' buds have no buttons and detect whether you want to listen to music, pause it, answer or end a phone call.

How it does this is based on simple gestures. Put both buds in your ears to start the music playing, take out one bud to pause it. Plug in one bud to answer a call, take out that single bud to hang up. Interestingly, the MH907 detects conductive surfaces (in this case your ears) so random applied pressure - perhaps in a travel bag or pocket - won't see them answer your calls accidentally.

This is certainly cool stuff and I like the music gesture controls particularly. That said, I can see issues with the call gestures since a lot of people like to take calls in stereo with both buds in (especially in noisy environments). On top of this, the current system of tapping a button to end and call and return to your music seems easier than removing a single bud and having to put each bud back in again - especially on the move when you don't always have both hands free.

Naturally enough, Sony Ericsson hasn't placed a release timeframe or price on the MH907, though in time for Christmas would be likely. So the way we listen to music isn't exactly changed forever, but we are mildly titillated. The viral ad is also rather cool...


MH907 microsite

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