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Sony Ericsson Launches Aspen With Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson Launches Aspen With Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Sony Ericsson's environmentally friendly GreenHeart range has had a rather impressive first year on sale and now its latest edition looks set to raise the bar significantly...

The 'Aspen' (previously leaked under the codename 'Faith) is the GreenHeart's first smartphone and while it has more rigid angles than 80s car design (amusingly referred to by Sony Ericsson as "human curvature" - as if), it looks a worthy edition.

Love it/hate it angles are augmented by HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS, Google Maps and stereo speakers plus Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger integration. There's a 3.2MP camera too plus practicalities such as a microSD expansion card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB charging (my, Sony Ericsson, how you've changed). At 117 x 60 x 12.45 mm and 130g it's portable as well.

The controversial part? It runs Windows Mobile. The good (better) part is the Aspen is the first smartphone to confirm v6.5.3, admittedly a tweak, though one which adds an improved touch UI, (finally) moves the start menu to the bottom and redesigns key features such as messages, time and weather. It's not enough to have Windows Mobile playing in Android, BlackBerry or iPhone territory, but it is a start and suggests better things lay in store for Windows Mobile 7.

The Aspen launches in Q1 in white and black finishes - though the big question remains: will it sell once Microsoft gives us our expected glimpse of Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress this month...?


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