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Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Range Sprouts Elm & Hazel

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Range Sprouts Elm & Hazel

The Interweb may have gone a little nuts over the Nexus One 'Google Phone' news, but back in a calmer, more speculation free zone Sony Ericsson today also has something worthy to bring to the handset space...

The company has expanded its 'GreenHeart' range of environmentally friendly phones with two new models: the aptly named 'Elm' and 'Hazel' (yes, we could be watching Avatar). As with all GreenHeart phones they are both made from recycled plastics, have an 'e-manual' on the phone, are free from hazardous chemicals, use waterborne paint, ship with a low power consumption chargers, use reduced size packaging and come bundled with various green behaviour promoting apps.

Despite their tree hugging tendencies the Elm and Hazel are capable in their own right as well. Both have matching specs, but differing form factors (the Elm is a candybar, the Hazel a slider) with key points being their five megapixel cameras, HSDPA connectivity and assisted GPS. There is just 280MB of native memory inside the duo, but that is helped via microSD expansion slots. Where they do differ is in their QVGA displays with the Elm's keypad restricting its size to 2.2in whereas the Hazel has a 2.6 incher.

The Sony Ericsson Elm will join the existing C901 and 'Naite' GreenHeart models when it hits shelves in Q1 2010, the Hazel arrives in Q2. A choice of red, black and pink finishes will be available and if you care about your environmental footprint these may prove two of the smarter dumbphones to own.


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December 14, 2009, 8:08 pm

Remember that time not long ago when a new S.E phone would be accompanied with anticipation? Ahh...so you're saying that time has long gone?


December 14, 2009, 9:59 pm

Gordon, you are right to say they join the C901, however the C901 was not released in the UK. The C901 recieved generally good reviews, so it's disappointing that SE chose not to release it in the UK (and Italy) as the only major European countries! The C901 was a genuine contender as a successor to the excellent K800i.

Many considered the C902 as not being worthy as a successor to the K800i. Well, the Elm is a further step back, in my opinion. Sure, it may have the *kids* toys, like face-ache, sorry facebook and other social networking rubbish, but what I want is a high quality phone, good call quality, good battery, good Cybershot phone and useful features, not gimmicks!

When my K800i finally gives up (still going after over three years), then I may have to buy a C902 as back up phone. At least the C902 does most things well, even if early models did have some software problems!

I could consider moving to shokia, lifes grim or shamsung, but they all make equally gimmicky rubbish, that's not built to last!

Perhaps they are all just trying to put too much technology in phones these days? I suppose that's the price of being in a *throw away* wasteful society we live in, where image appears to be more important to substance to most people? (Frowns)!


December 15, 2009, 6:54 pm

*listens to the sound of nails being hammered into the Sony Ericsson coffin*

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