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Sony Ericsson Gets Into The Groove

Understandably, after the hoohar surrounding the “Walkman phone”, Sony Ericsson’s other announcements failed to hold the same place in the limelight, but we still got glimpses of two more offerings: the K750 (also available in shrouded “i” and “c” variants) and J300 ("a", "i" and "c"!).

The conglomerate giant is angling the K750 towards camera enthusiasts, but to us it has more than a passing similarity to the W800s. It has its own dedicated music software, the same two megapixel camera with autofocus, Memory Stick Duo card slot, 38MB of internal memory and 176 x 220 pixel, 262k screen. Our guess is that it will be cheaper than the W800 and, for those not blinded by branding, it could prove an astute choice. Pricing unknown, also “Coming Soon”.

Moving to the mid-range market, we have the tri-band K300, a small (99x 45 x 19mm, 85g) camera phone with 4x digital zoom and "QuickShare" feature which Sony Ericsson claims will make it possible to "send video, picture and text messages in just a few clicks" (even though, to us, most phones seem to do already).

On-board memory is 12MB and the 128 x 128 pixel, 65k colour screen should be good enough for most of your needs. Battery life is strong with 7 hours of talk time and a purported 300 hours on standby and yes - you are way ahead of me - it's: "Coming Soon".

Clearly bulking out the budget line is the J300a, a cute little phone available in a variety of colours, with integrated media player and 12MB of internal memory. Mysteriously, there is no memory card slot which can only mean you are meant to download your media via GPRS (really!) or transfer a (highly compressed) file or two from your computer as it has USB connectivity. There is no camera either and a square little 128 x 128 pixel, 65k display. Given its curvy lines and small size (99 x 42 x 18mm) expect it to be a hit with kids (or at least a hit with mothers buying them for their kids who want phones with memory card slots and cameras). This one’s expected between Q1 and Q2.

Sony Ericsson also took time out to highlight its Z800i and K600i 3G phones, but as keen readers of TR will know, we’ve featured these phones already from 3GSM so there’s no pulling the wool over our eyes Mr Multinational Electronics Monolith. Check out our coverage of both phones here.

Right, time for more medication… I can feel the shakes coming on again.


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