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Sony Ericsson Confirms Xperia X1 Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson Confirms Xperia X1 Launch Date

While my own personal xperience (linguistic genius?) of the hotly anticipated Xperia X1 suggests it was far from a finished product (can we say laaaaaagy), Sony Ericsson has at long last announced an official release date and hopefully presumably waded through a slew of software tweaking...

Consequently, it is with some surprise that the troubled mobile phone maker has detailed the rather soon-upon-us date of 30 September for the Xperia X1's journey into this world which suggests tweaks are as tweaked as they are going to get and the next 19 days are simply about having stock in place.

Main European heavyweights the UK, Germany and - errrr - Sweden are the trio of countries which will get their hands on the Xperia come this time while a Q4 launch has been confirmed for *deep breath* Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal , Spain and Switzerland. As for the poor old yanks, they're currently left hanging (iPod touch karma?).

For full specs check the previous supposed release date article and let's hope this time the days don't shuffle.

My prayers are with you treacle-like Xperia X1 UI, they really are...


Xperia X1 Official Micro Site

Oliver Levett

September 12, 2008, 11:58 pm

They've finally decided to release the thing! But the specs have barely changed since the first rumours over a year ago, and now it's outdated!

Panels is an expensive gimmick, and apart from the pretty fish, I can see no benefits over the WM today screen! (It does give you more info than an iPhone can though.)

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