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Sony Ericsson Android Xperia X3 Specs & Images Leak

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson Android Xperia X3 Specs & Images Leak

We may still be waiting for the much leaked Xperia X2 but it seems that the 'Xperia X3' also isn't far behind and it looks set to make a real impact...

Retailer Expansys (not for the first time) is the source of the spill and it shows multiple images of a stylish Android based handset with 4in 800 x 400 pixel touchscreen display and specifies HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS and an 8MP camera with LED flash, image stabilisation, smile shutter and face detection. There's also VGA video recording, miniUSB charging, a microSDHC expansion slot (surprise surprise), a 3.5mm headphone jack and voice dialling.

No mention of onboard storage is made but if the above turns out to be true I suspect it had you at 'Android based'. In typically mysterious fashion, Expansys lists the new Xperia at available for pre-order now but doesn't actually have a price which makes the whole pre-ordering process rather difficult.

Expansys leaks do have something of a hit and miss record in the past but crucially it has unveiled the BlackBerry Storm (then codenamed 'Thunder'). So hopes are high that this could finally be the killer handset Sony Ericsson so desperately needs. Don't let us down guys...


via Expansys

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