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Sony Ericsson 5MP Walkman Handset Leaked

Gordon Kelly


Sony Ericsson 5MP Walkman Handset Leaked

We can't think of the last time a handset was officially unveiled without pre-release leaks...

So keeping up a fine tradition is the Sony Ericsson 'Patty' or 'W902' as it is to be officially known and it performs one very important role: at last bringing a handset to the Walkman range which has a decent camera.

Showing five megapixels is truly the going rate these days (unless your based in Cupertino) the W902 also compliments this oomph with autofocus and an LED flash while the slim looks show the sensors these days are no barrier to portability.

Sadly little else is actually revealed about the handset, but the spiritual successor to the underrated W880 and impressive W890 does seem to offer a 2.2in+ display while offering more finger friendly buttons, the usual swish Walkman software and an M2 expansion card slot.

No doubt more will soon come flooding through on what looks to be a welcome and worthy Sony Ericsson edition and - like most Walkman phones - I'd expect it not to break the bank on a decent contract either.

Close enough to risk cannibalising the company's Cybershots? Not our problem...


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September 25, 2008, 12:01 am

Not much of a successor to the w890i but it does look slighter bigger especially the keypad and upgraded camera with flash but no mention of autozoom!

Being a SE phone, probably expect the price to be costly when initially released!

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