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Sony Dropping Vaio TT


Sony Dropping Vaio TT

I'm just a little worried. Sony's US branch has discontinued what I'm adamant is the nicest laptop the company currently makes - the Vaio TT. It's sad day for luxury laptop buyers, for certain.

No explanation is forthcoming as yet, but Sony has confirmed that the TT is definitely not coming back to the US store. There's no indication as to whether this culling will be limited to the US or not, as yet. Those in UK able to buy what is probably the least recession-geared of Sony's laptops, and considering doing so, might want to get a move on and do so just in case.

Of the possible explanations for this decision, my preferred is that Sony simply isn't seeing the sales it needs in the US. That should mean that the range itself will still remain available elsewhere, as long as enough people are buying TTs - which they should be, financial crisis be damned.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


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