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Sony Details Bravia Link Modules


Sony Details Bravia Link Modules

Being able to add new features to a TV after having bought it is never a bad thing and Sony knows it. That's an assumption backed up by the company's announcement of the DMX-WL1, DMX-DVD and DMX-SW1 Bravia link modules; or the Wireless Link, DVD Link and Input Link as they are perhaps more easily remembered. All three sets designed to latch on to the back of Bravia TVs and add additional functionality. The names should give what that is away.

The moist interesting Link module is probably the wireless one. The Wireless Link Module comes as a two piece system comprising the DMX-WL1T transmitter and DMX-WL1R receiver. The transmitter offers four HDMI inputs and a Component connector and will stream up to 1080i content to the transmitter.

As the maker of a great deal of HDMI-connected home cinemas products, from Blu-ray players to the PlayStation 3, it should be no surprise that Sony is pushing wireless hdmi technology - such as sported by the Belkin FlyWire. The FlyWire, however, is capable of transmitting 1080p signals, besting than the DMX-WL1's 1080i limitation. It's a shame Sony didn't go the whole hog, especially as the main backer of Blu-ray which was, of course, made to be watched in 1080p. The DMX-WL1 has an $800 (~£430) MSRP so it's not going to be for everyone, anyway.

The DMX-DVD DVD Link Module is described by Sony as a "full-featured" DVD up-scaling player. At $200 (~£110) it isn't all that cheap, but it has the advantage of being hidden behind the TV, if that's your bag. The DMX-SW1 Input Link Module is the simplest of the new offerings, but for most people will arguably be the most useful but he simple addition of four HDMI slots. For $150 (~£80) it's pretty good value, too.

All three Link modules' controls get integrated into the menu system of any Bravia TV to which they are attached, which is a pretty cool feature. Now announce a UK release, pricing, and some new (preferably LED-backit) Bravia TVs that rival the competition. And, while we're making requests, a 1080p version of the DMX-WL1 wouldn't go amiss either.

Come on then; what are you waiting for, Sony?

Matt G Baish

September 25, 2008, 12:59 am

If they can do that for the Bravia - I wonder if there is any chance they would make one for the older Wega tellys with a media unit like mine?! That would be awesome & would make up for the fact that I will not be getting a new TV until 2012 :(

I'm not holding my breath though.

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