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Sony Details BDP-S5000ES


Sony Details BDP-S5000ES

While not as high profile as CES or IFA, the CEDIA tradeshow (although it claims to be much more) does still get its fair share of new products. Take Sony's BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray player. The ES standing for Elevated Standard, a product range intended to be that much smarter your average bear.

To that end, the BDP-S5000ES sports a number of features not seen on more standard fare. 14-bit video processing, coupled with Sony's HD Reality Enhancer, Super Bit Mapping and Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology should mean the best possible HD and upscaled SD footage.

The player will also handle AVCHD, such as used by most HD camcorders. And, if you have a camcorder that supports it, it can play back x.v.Color encoded discs. Audio support is top-notch, too; Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoding and bit-stream output capabilities covering all the important bases.

Other features include the XMB-esque menu system that Sony is putting on just about all of its devices now (for the good reason that it's brilliant), a Quick Start mode boasting a six second boot-up time and probably the most interesting addition: Precision Drive HD. The latter feature monitors the inserted discs position to ensure it stays level, helping reduce the risk of scratching.

In the US, Sony will be asking $2,000 for the BDP-S5000ES. That sounds pretty expensive, even for a premium player, especially as most of these features can be found on models a fair bit cheaper.

Saying that, because this is such a high end device, Sony will throw in a 1GB micro vault USB drive! Surely, that's got to be worth $2,000?

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