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Sony Bundles Google Chrome With PCs

Gordon Kelly


Sony Bundles Google Chrome With PCs

Microsoft may have made a morally compelling reason to download IE8, but perhaps Google has more chance of real world success after pulling off this coup...

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Google has confirmed that its Chrome web browser from now on will come pre-installed on Sony laptops. The scope of the agreement wasn't expanded upon in either financial or geographic terms, but Google did refer to it as a "test" at this stage.

Currently Google Chrome sits on 2.6 per cent of the global web browser market, a world away from the 67.7 per cent of Internet Explorer and the circa 22 per cent of biggest open source rival Firefox. Still, Google has managed to do something the likes of Mozilla and Apple have so far failed to achieve and the large IE market share shows that in general users will adopt whatever they are given, rather than what is the most critically acclaimed.

That said, with Windows 7 now offering a browser ballot screen in Europe to comply with with EC anti-competitive rulings it may well be that the victory will prove a little hollow. As for Microsoft, none of this is particularly good news, but we do offer it a sure fire, 100 per cent guaranteed way to once again restore market share:

Build a better browser!


via The WSJ

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