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Sony: Blu-ray Player Sales Down On Forecasts


Sony: Blu-ray Player Sales Down On Forecasts

We all know HD is the future but maybe the general populace isn't so convinced. A sentiment arguably backed up by Sony, which has admitted it won't meet its five million unit worldwide sales target for Blu-ray players.

Speaking to Reuters, Sony Electronics' US boss Stan Glasgow was optimistic, though, commenting on the revised predicted sales figure that: "It's not that far off of {the original expectation}. Maybe 10 percent off of what we had thought. It's truly one of the items that has performed well during this economic mess."

Glasgow blames the relatively high prices of Blu-ray films as a big contributor to the slow take-up. "They need to make money, and the packaged media is a critical way for them to make money so I understand their problems also. But I'd love to see those prices come down, as well as the price of Blu-ray players, to drive adoption."

Personally I don't see the problem with the current pricing of Blu-ray dics. Sure, a film on Blu-ray might cost twice as much as the equivalent DVD, but in my estimation at least it will look and sound ten times better so it's hardly an extortionate premium. Of course there are always those consumers out there who don't care about quality enough to pay for it.

For the video and audiophiles among us, though, hopefully Sony, Samsung Pioneer et al will continue to push the quality up price down and price down with their Blu-ray offerings.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to buy Tropic Thunder and the Band of Brothers box set on Blu-ray.

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