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Sony Announces Headphones For All [Updated]

David Gilbert


Sony Announces Headphones For All [Updated]

Sony has launched a new range of headphones with something for everyone, whether you’re a professional recording artist, an audiophile or just a casual listener.

At the top of its new range is the MDR-Z1000 which are “designed to address the rigorous demands of high-end studio production, the MDR-Z1000 represents a new pinnacle in professional headphone design.” Ultra-wide range HD Driver Units employ a newly-developed Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm which claims to “dramatically reduces resonance to deliver exceptionally clear, natural mid to high frequencies.” A magnesium alloy housing makes extended wear more comfortable and damps resonance for smooth bass and clear mid/high highs. Adding further to the audio quality, the Z1000’s cord uses 7N Grade (99.99999 percent) Oxygen Free Copper conductors that minimise transmission losses for pristine sound quality.

The mid-range ZX series promises recording studio quality you can bring with you everywhere. Seen as a natural step up from your PMP headphones, the ZX series all feature a closed-type design to minimise leakage – which will no doubt please those around you as much as yourself. The range-toping MDR-ZX700 features newly-developed 50mm driver units, noise isolation earpads and pressure-relieving urethane cushion earpads for a comfortable fit. It’s joined by ZX500, ZX300 and ZX100 models that offer “superlative audio quality with any music source, teamed with extended listening comfort and impressive, ultra-modern looks.”

Finally the EX series of in-ear headphones offers a bit of diversity with seven different models. Top of the pile is the MDR-EX1000 which features a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm with newly developed 16mm driver unit. The earphone’s slim magnesium housing reduces weight for comfortable wear, while damping unwanted resonance to deliver smooth bass and clear mid-high frequencies. The EX1000 also utilized the 7N grade OFC conductors seen in the Z1000s. The MDR-EX510LP headphones are a vertical in-the-ear style headphone with large, vertically-mounted 13.5mm driver unit and a newly-designed earphone structure that reduces the risk of the headphone dropping out of your ears while in use. The full EX range is complemented by the colourful EX50 and EX40 and models that offer “full, rich sound with excellent isolation and comfortable wear at a competitive price for every music lover.”

All new models will be available in some time later this month and we are waiting to hear back from Sony on the issue of pricing.

Source: Sony

Update: Sony has been back onto us and said pricing is up to the retailers but the following prices are general guidelines: Z1000 – £500; ZX700 - £100; ZX500 - £50; ZX300 – £25; ZX100 - £15 and EX1000 - £500

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