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Sony Announces Daily Reader


Sony Announces Daily Reader

It's not surprising that Sony is looking to take on Amazon's Kindle. With the Daily Reader, it's doing just that, pairing a 7in touchscreen - as per the recently-launched Touch Edition - with 3G connectivity, giving wireless access to the Sony eBook store.

Unlike the Kindle, the 3G in the Daily Reader - provided by AT&T - can only be used for buying eBooks. Lacking the Kindle's buttons web browsing on the Daily Reader would probably prove something of a chore, anyway.

Adding to the Daily Reader's awesomeness, Sony is joining with libraries to enable access to their content via its device. These libraries will have a limited number of licenses to loan eBook titles and books borrowed will come with a 14-29 day limit, after which they will be rendered unreadable unless checked out again. Initially the New York Public Library and Chicago Public Library

Those launch partners go some way to betraying that, Sony being Sony, however, the Daily Reader isn't going to be coming to the UK, at least any time soon. Instead, we're simply being treated to the Touch Edition and Pocket Edition already announced for the US - which is something, I guess.

I'd like to be generous and assume that Sony is simply working on sorting a 3G-providing partner for the UK, and sorting out deals with libraries over here, before doing the right thing and giving us a taste of the Daily Reader. Sadly, past experience of the year-long wait for Sony's first Reader to transition from the states


Sony Reader.


August 26, 2009, 7:49 am

Looks sweet!

Hopefully priced reasonably and given PSN store access when the music/book/comic store arrive on there! A browser would be nice given that it's a touch screen, but the shitty NetFront one used for the PSP, PS3 and Walkman would be a bit of letdown. I just hope the one after this uses a Chrome style browser with access to Twitter/Facebook or other social sites...

I wonder when Sony will make a colourscreen Reader, that would be really awesome as you could then buy magazine/comic/newspaper subscriptions without sacrificing any quality.


August 26, 2009, 5:30 pm

We don't even have access to the 500,000 Google books you keep going on about in the UK, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for access to content from a real library.

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