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Sony Announces 3D Bloggie MHS-FS3


Sony Announces 3D Bloggie MHS-FS3 As Part Of New Range

Sony has announced the world's first HD 3D pocket camera to compliment its Bloggie range of pocket camcorders.

The MHS-FS3- dubbed the Bloggie 3D - has two lenses, twin image sensors, stereo microphone, a built-in LED light and shoots video and photos in 3D or 2D.

The images are displayed on the camera's 2.4 inch LCD screen which can play back footage in 3D without glasses or on a 3D compatible screen. While we haven't seen the results of the footage, TrustedReviews can confirm that the camera looks well built and features a pop-out USB connector and has an HDMI port.

The Bloggie 3D comes with 8GB of internal memory will be available in the US from April for about $250, with a UK release date expected soon after.

Andy Bubala, director of the camcorder business at Sony Electronics, says: “As the popularity of pocket cameras grow, we not only wanted to provide simple, compact video and photo solutions, we wanted to make these devices fun and different while still delivering a high quality product. With Sony paving the way for 3D entertainment, that technology was the perfect addition to the Bloggie family and robust offering of 3D solutions.”

The announcement follows the recent launch of the Sony Bloggie Touch which we reviewed last month.

The two other camera's in Sony's lineup are The Bloggie MHS-FS1 and the Bloggie Duo MHS-FS2. Both have 4GB of internal memory.

The Bloggie Duo features two LCD screens – 2.7-inch on the back and 2.0-inch on the front under the lens so you can watch yourself while shooting. The MHS-FS1 is a compact, lightweight design, enrty-level camera with with a large 2.7-inch wide LCD screen. Both have 4GB of internal memory and will be available in the US in March for about $150 and $170, respectively.

All three shoot in full HD 1920x1080 MP4 video and take 5-megapixel still photos.

All photos in this article are of the Bloggie 3D

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