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Sony Announces 17in And 25in OLED Monitors

David Gilbert


Sony Announces 17in And 25in OLED Monitors

Sony has just unveiled a pair of OLED monitors and if you start saving now you might just be able to afford them come 2021.

Boasting the world’s largest commercial OLED screen, Sony’s 25in Trimaster EL E250 professional monitor will set you back an eye-watering $28,910 when it becomes available in mid-April while it’s 17in sibling, the E170, will set you back $15,710 when it comes available in mid-June. Obviously these models are not aimed at us consumers but at the TV and film industries. Sony is positioning the monitors for use in editing bays, satellite trucks, and broadcasting control rooms. A high-quality picture is required for these so-called "reference monitors" and Sony said the OLED panels produce an image superior to LCD.

Getting back to the price of these monitors, Sony say that the LCD equivalent currently in editing suites cost only 10 percent less than these OLED models. The problem OLED has had since we first saw Sony’s XEL-1 11in model, is that the production of the panels has proved problematic and expensive. In a bid to prove the superior picture quality of its new panels, at the launch in Tokyo, Sony played identical footage on the 25in E250 model side-by-side with an LCD equivalent – with the OLED picture noticeably better and due to no backlighting when shut off, the OLED screen went completely black while the LCD screen continued to glow.

When first introduced, OLED TVs were seen as the natural progression in television technology but continued production problems and a failure to meet deadlines for larger screens has put in doubt whether acceptable size screens at acceptable prices will be available any time soon. While we have seen larger models, getting these to production has not yet happened. Sony declined to comment on its television plans for OLED at the launch.


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