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Sony Alpha A700 replacement at Photokina


Sony Alpha A700 replacement at Photokina

Day two of Photokina here in Germany, and the hot news on the Sony stand is the replacement for the popular high-end Alpha 700 digital SLR. An early prototype of the new camera was on display, but as yet bearing no model number.

A Sony spokesman wouldn’t give away too many details apart from confirming that it would share the same translucent mirror technology as the recent A33 and A55, and that the specification would be “phenomenal”. Since it will presumably have to surpass the 16.2 megapixel A55, that would seem to be a fairly safe bet. He also refused to be drawn on the likely launch date, except to say that it would probably not be before the end of this year.

Also on show was the impressive-looking new Alpha system 500mm f/4 super telephoto lens. This is a specialised optic designed for sports and wildlife photographers, and will launch some time next year. Again details were in short supply, but suffice to say it’s not going to be cheap.

The NEX compact system was also strongly represented, with the confirmation of a major firmware update due in October, which will respond to user feedback by adding advanced customisable functions to the menu. This will allow more experienced users to customise the function of two of the buttons on the back of the camera, providing faster access to often-used photographic features.

A number of new lenses were also on display, including a collection of high quality Sony G optics for more advanced users.


September 22, 2010, 4:00 pm

About time for an A700 refresh! I'm in the market for a prosumer SLR at the moment, and am drawn to the Canon 7D, but as I don't have a stack of lenses I want to reuse I'm not wedded to Canon, so it would be nice to see what the competition can bring to the table before I put my money where my mouth is!

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