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Sony Admits Defeat With UMD

Gordon Kelly


Sony Admits Defeat With UMD

I said back in April that the UMD disc format for Sony’s otherwise massively successful PSP was in big trouble. Well, it seems Sony has finally wised up to that fact too…

It has decided to launch two ‘MemoryStick Entertainment Packs’ which enable customers to transpose specifically encoded movies to the pernickety little format. From here they can be viewed directly on the PSP then wiped when necessary and swapped for another title.

Shipping to 1GB and 2GB capacities, the MemorStick Duos with knobs on come packaged with a DVD containing the necessary conversion software for installation on your home PC or laptop. Four movies will be available from launch: Hitch (Me: Chick Flick, gf: Funny, not too clever), S.W.A.T. (Me: Utter Crap,the gf: Mmmmn Colin Farrell shirtless), The Grudge (Me: Better than I expected and Buffy’s in it, gf: Japanese one is better {she hasn’t seen either!}) and XXX: State of the Union (Me: I would never want to see it, gf: I would never want to see it {*relationship bliss*}. So all complete pants but what do you expect?!

Needless to say the King of Proprietary has locked all encoded titles exclusively to the PSP though the MemoryStick Duos can be formatted and used in any (Sony) camcorder, (Sony) digital camera, (Sony) laptop, you get the picture…

Both MemoryStick Entertainment packs will hit shelves next month with the 1GBer costing $60 and its bigger brother a slightly more reasonable $100. For those of you using bittorent and any one of the numerous free PSP movie encoders out there ignore everything I just said, you’re too clever naughty for this stuff…


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