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Sony Adds Sky News To Bravia Internet Video

David Gilbert


Sony Adds Sky News To Bravia Internet Video

When Sony launched its BRAVIA Internet Video service during the summer, it was lacking a couple of promised items, most notably the BBC iPlayer despite the logo appearing on the interface. SInce the summer the iPlayer has finally arrived on the system and today Sony announced it is adding rolling 24-hour news to the platform in the form of Sky News.

BRAVIA Internet Video allows you access online video entertainment direct from your sofa via your TV’s XrossMediaBar. As well as the IPlayer and now Sky News, you can access catch-up service Demand Five as well as online video portals YouTube and Daily Motion. There is a LoveFilm streaming service integrated, and there are other random channels such as a FIFA channel also - though following last week's decision we can't see many people wanting to look at this for some time.

Edward Uzzell, Proposition Development Manager with Sony UK said: “Sony is focused on providing the widest range of content on BRAVIA Internet Video and the partnership with Sky News allows us to deliver the news updates to viewers as it happens."

While the addition of Sky News to the service will undoubtedly please current users, it may not entice many others to use it as Sky News is pretty widely available as it is and is hardly a killer feature.

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