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Sony 64GB OLED Walkman Is Thinnest to Date

Gordon Kelly


Sony 64GB OLED Walkman Is Thinnest to Date

If you were underwhelmed by the incremental new Apple iPods then this could prove just the antidote...

Sony is continuing to up its Walkman game this year in the shape of the 'NW-A840' series - a stunning half way house between the iPod nano and iPod touch. Specs this time around are stunningly impressive with a 2.8in 720 x 480 pixel OLED display (surely Apple has to go OLED at some point?), 64GB of flash memory, an FM tuner and inbuilt noise cancellation.

Despite these features, the A840 is also the thinnest Walkman ever made at just 7.2mm thick. Furthermore you'll find TV out, Sony's typically excellent battery life (29 hours continuous music, up to nine hours continuous video) and premium MDR-EX300SL earbuds in the box.

The problem with all this could be the price. The 16GB 'NW-A845', 32GB 'NW-A846' and 64GB 'NW-A847' will retail for $263, $329 and (wait for it) $439 (£265) respectively, plus we're still waiting on a UK release date and RRPs. Granted as an out and out music player this will likely provide far better music quality than any iPod, but with its App Store, Browser, WiFi and iTunes integration on the $399 (though admittedly £299) 64GB iPod touch you're giving up a lot for that.

Still, it is really gorgeous...


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