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Sonos and Spotify Team Up


Sonos and Spotify Team Up

Sonos has announced at IFA that it will bring Spotify to the wireless audio system, via a free update coming later this month.

This means Sonos owners will get to enjoy access to all of Spotify’s eight million available tracks – as long as they are in a Spotify territory, which currently includes the UK, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. The US continues to miss out.

Spotify on Sonos requires an update to version 3.3 of the Sonos software, which the company said will be available at the end of September. You will also need to purchase a Spotify premium subscription, which costs £9.99.

"It's great that people will be able to listen to Spotify whenever they want, wherever they want in their home," said Daniel Ek, Founder and chief executive of Spotify, in a statement. "We're excited to partner with Sonos to deliver the unique Spotify experience in the home, with the same quality and ease of use that our users already love."

"Spotify on Sonos has been the number one request from our European customers and we're thrilled to deliver it," said John MacFarlane, founder and chief executive of Sonos. "By partnering with a leading music streaming service like Spotify, we can now offer more of our customers the ultimate jukebox experience at home."

It’s probably not such great news for Napster, though at only £5 a month, the rival service will still have its place. Still, with Sonos already being a premium bit of kit, it’s likely that owners won’t mind stumping up the cash for the higher bit-rate offerings available on Spotify Premium.

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