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Sonos Unveils Stunning All-in-one Wireless Speaker System

Gordon Kelly


Sonos Unveils Stunning All-in-one Wireless Speaker System

We're big fans of Sonos at TrustedReviews and that is because it has the uncanny knack of working out our deepest musical desires and making them into reality. And here we go again...

Today Sonos has unveiled the 'Zoneplayer S5', an all-in-one wireless music system which can be controlled with an iPhone, iPod touch or any Sonos controller. Key points this time around: it is wonderfully simple to use and setup and it is more affordable than all other previous Sonos systems.

Looking at the S5 itself what we have is essentially a very smart speaker. It measures just 217 x 365 x 123mm, packs in a five driver speaker system (two tweeters, two 3in mids and a built-in 3.5in sub) for room filling sound, plus Ethernet to connect to your digital music collection as well as web radio stations and popular music services like Last.fm. From here you can add further S5 speakers to any room in your home and they will all be linked together and controlled via the Sonos iPhone app or a separate Sonos CR200 touchscreen remote.

Music can be streamed directly from the iPhone/iPod touch, the web, taken from an iTunes library or any external source (iPod, CD player, TV, DVD, VCR, radio, etc) that can be connected via analogue input. Each S5 has the ability to play independent content at individual volume levels or linked together at the touch of a button to seamlessly play the same track everywhere. It's Cribs on a fraction of the budget!

That said there is still some budget required, though the Sonos Zoneplayer S5 does slash the cost of entry to £349 - less than half what you'd have expected to pay from Sonos systems a few years back. Couple this with the room by room expandable nature of the S5 and you can start pimping out your home as soon as it launches in the UK on 10 November.

Check out the video below for a company demo, but remember: watch the drool...


Sonos Zoneplayer S5 Product Page

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