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Snow Leopard Shipping With Anti-Malware Protection

Gordon Kelly


Snow Leopard Shipping With Anti-Malware Protection

There has long been a smug (and in some ways correct) assumption from Mac owners that they don't need antivirus software. Well, Apple may soon disagree...

According to The Mac Security Blog it seems Snow Leopard will ship this Friday with integrated anti-malware software. The site has also managed to get a grab of a screen shot below.

"We're not sure yet exactly how this works," the site stresses "but the above screen shot shows this feature working with a download made via Safari, detecting a version of the RSPlug Trojan horse in a downloaded disk image."

I've seen little to back up this claim elsewhere and while Mac OS X popularity is growing it still remains a fraction (little over 10 per cent) of the market when compared to Windows (over 88 per cent). There have also been few reports of worrying malware and virus increases on the Mac though Norton Anti-Virus for Macintosh has been available for more than a year. Hackers may also have been alerted by the horrific number of Mac OS X security vulnerabilities found in recent years.

With the Snow Leopard 28 August launch we won't have to wait long to see if there's any truth to this one...

Update: It is being reported Snow Leopard can work with Tiger, skipping the need for Leopard at all. This isn't officially endorsed, but it works. Bonus! (via Gizmodo)


via The Mac Security Blog

Doc. Caliban

August 26, 2009, 10:22 pm

I worked in the Windows Group at MS from WFW 3.11 through XP. I switched to Mac about a year ago and love it, thought I still have a PC for gaming of course. :-) Reading the features of the upcoming Snow Leopard make me sit back and laugh at how far behind MS is in the OS game... and the concept of simply polishing, sharpening, improving, and slimming what you already have as opposed to simply creating a whole new monster every few years? Yeah, I'm sure MS will be getting onto that product release model any day now. I was there during the decade that saw MS shift from a product-driven environment to one driven by marketing... it's one of the reasons I left. It just wasn't fun anymore.



August 26, 2009, 11:42 pm

This is more a protection against Trojans which all operating systems are susceptible too, OSX has to date had no widespread outbreaks of viruses so IMO there is still no need to use an Anti-Virus product although anything protecting against Trojans is always a good idea no matter what OS you use.


August 27, 2009, 12:59 am

Wow Caliban, and you think Apple isn't all about marketing? Have you watched one of their recent ads? Talk about hyperbole. Did you come up with that, or was the cheque by Steve Jobs enough?

Nick Hustak

August 27, 2009, 5:00 pm

10% of the market makes you an non-target to most malware authors. It's simply not worth the time. I'm not disputing they might not need anti-virus protection - I'm disputing the reasons. It's not because it's 'secure', as has been shown by the numerous vulnerabilities that have surfaced, it's because it's irrelevant.

In fact, the vulnerabilities underscore it - despite them being there, they've rarely been taken advantage of. It's the equivalent of a burglar seeing an open door and saying 'nah, not worth the time'.

This is not a statement about how good or not good OXS is. Just some reality on the world of malware. If Macs suddenly had 50% of the market place, there would be a scramble to write anti-virus software and we'd be hearing about how many macs are part of the bot nets.

Caliban - the interesting thing is that joe blow on the street isn't laughing or crying about new features in OSX. They don't care. Nor do most of them care how Windows 7 or Vista was written. For most of them, the price is the issue and as long as apple continues to charge a 'branding' fee, it's going to hurt them. Most people hardly use any of the fancy features.

Personally, I can't stand apple as a company any more than MS. They are not more honest than microsoft or any less out to make a buck at the users expense - they simply do it differently. Anyone that can't see that is simply suffering from fanboism.

I have no love of microsoft either - it's what my clients use so it's where I write my software. Again, that 10% thing - my choice is to write software on an OS that has 80%+ of the deskstops or 10%. That's an easy decision. The day macs have relevant chop of the _corporate_ desktop market, I'll start writing software for them.


August 27, 2009, 8:11 pm

My Snow Leopard copy shipped today, hope it arrives tomorrow - ooh, the excitement ;)


August 27, 2009, 11:40 pm


I can only assume you were working as the tea boy considering you appear to have missed the complete re-write of the kernel between XP and Vista.

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