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Smartphone Users Want Wi-Fi Signal Boost


Smartphone Users Want Wi-Fi To Boost 3G Signal

Users of smartphones would use an application that magically boosted their phones 3G reception by piggy backing on Wi-Fi. Or so a recent survey by YouGov and Kineto has found.

Of 2,200 people recently surveyed, 74 per cent said that if their phone had Wi-Fi they would use such an application. Moreover, 80 per cent liked the idea of a service from their mobile operator that provided discounted calls when the phone was connected over Wi-Fi.

Devices already exist that can perform this function and they're called femtocells. Vodafone has had one available for a while now under the Sure Signal name. However, this survey suggests people would like a generic service to take on these duties.

With patchy mobile data coverage, is Wi-Fi the answer to our problems?

The survey also revealed 50 per cent of people in the UK that have a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone use Wi-Fi everyday. Of this group, 40 per cent say they use Wi-Fi because it's quicker for browsing the web while 50 per cent say they use it because it's easier. Also according to the results, the most widely owned smartphone brand (with or without Wi-Fi) in the UK is the iPhone (33 percent) followed by Nokia (20 percent). These are surprising figures on the surface, but as it's a consumer survey, it does make sense.

However, the connection isn't without its problems, with 22 percent of those surveyed claiming the most annoying aspect of the service is that it only works in some locations - there's no pleasing some.

All told, we certainly would welcome some kind of universal service that automatically switches mobile data and calling over to Wi-Fi whenever possible. Unfortunately we just don't see it happening any time soon.



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