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Smallest DAB Pocket Radio Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Smallest DAB Pocket Radio Unveiled

So we've had possibly the best value DAB radio to date and now for the most pocket friendly one...

The Goodmans 'GHDAB101' (which sounds like an entry level class in acronyms) is claimed to be the smallest stand alone DAB/FM radio in the world and at just 69.5 x 44 x 21.4mm and 48g I would be hard pressed to disagree (do you?).

As you might expect for a device so tiny, it doesn't pack in the largest of feature sets but there is a tidy blue backlit display to show station name, volume level, signal strength and battery level plus the ability to store up to 10 presets. A pair of AAA batteries provide no less than 10 hours of DAB listing or 15 hours of FM as well so there's stamina in the GHDAB... this little fella.

As for signal, the GH... etc etc pulls that age old trick of utilising the headphones as an aerial and with over 90 per cent of the UK population (note, not geography) now covered by DAB you should get decent reception - but do your research first.

The Goodmans (overly long named) GHDAB101 goes on sale immediately for a wallet friendly £44.99 and you can rest smug in the knowledge that for a fraction of the outlay you can enjoy something no iPod touch owner can...


Goodmans UK


September 16, 2008, 11:10 pm

I got this a few weeks ago - mainly for DAB when cycling. The new chip is good; I have no reception problems. I replaced the headphones with some old Sony in-ears and that made a big difference to sound quality. The only downside is poor build and design quality. The lugs securing the battery door will for sure break off (and you need to open this a lot, as typically it does eat batteries). Main probelm is poor design (it's not Apple after all) - it lacks a hard lock switch so easily can be switched on in a jacket pocket (and drain those batteries). Problem of the early adopter...I'm sure a better designed unit will appear from the likes of Pure in time.


January 9, 2009, 3:00 am

After using this for 3 months, I regret buying it. Circuitry and reception are excellent. It is let down by a cheap design and lack of eye for detail. I have lost so many batteries just because there is no hard lock key, so it often switches on in my jacket. I just got the Pure PocketDAB 1500 from Morgan for &#16345 (half price) as it is factory reworked. It is 3 times bigger than the Goodmans, but it quality and has that attention for detail you expect from Pure. I recharge the Li battery every 7 - 10 days (and it is replaceable), and I much prefer it over this poor design Goodmans.

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