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Small Square Apple Touchscreen Display Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Small Square Apple Touchscreen Display Leaks

This should start a whole flurry of new rants and rumours...

It seems Apple just can't keep a secret anymore as photos have now leaked of a small square 30 x 30mm touchscreen covered in the company's patents. Is it a new iPod touch display? An iPod shuffle? An iPhone nano? Something else entirely? Perhaps complete nonsense?

Given the accuracy of Apple leaks in the last few years we're hopeful nonsense can be ruled out, especially as it would mark a brave new step in a potential iPod/iPhone evolution. After all any move to incorporate a smaller touchscreen would surely also mean adoption of iOS 4 and the next step in Apple's clever feeder system which has so far successfully made the iPod touch a starting point for many eventual iPhone owners.

Then again, before we get too theoretical here, it is worth pointing out that half the unity in iOS 4 had been the ubiquitous 3.5in screen size on all devices and their matching aspect ratio. The iPad threw a spanner in the works, but nothing like adding a smaller, square screen into the mix would do.

On the plus side Apple seems to have come to terms with widening its iOS platform - especially with the ever larger gaps in horsepower between current devices and the original iPhone - and a square screen on a cheaper device would create a lucrative new line in redesigned apps.

So a fascinating insight or utter rubbish? With Apple tending to refresh its iPod lines in September, we shouldn't have long to find out...


Via tw.apple.pro (Chinese language site)

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