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David Gilbert


SlingPlayer Mobile Comes To iPad

Some may rejoice at the news that SlingPlayer Mobile has been launched for the iPad, but users who have already forked out money for the iPhone version will again have to shell out (£17.99) if they want to take advantage of the superior resolution quality on the tablet

Available for purchase on the iTunes App Store, SlingPlayer Mobile software for iPad lets Slingbox owners extend their home TV experience in a similar manner to its iPhone app launched in May 2009. The new app takes advantage of the iPad's high-resolution 9.7in display. The revamped program guide uses the iPad's intuitive native interface, and a "recent channels" feature puts a viewer's recent channels at his/her fingertips. SlingPlayer Mobile also allows you to change channels, control your DVRs and watch your favorite shows anywhere you have an internet connection (via WiFi or 3G).

However customers who have a Slingbox PRO, AV, TUNER or Classic will have to upgrade to either a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD, which are the only devices that can stream at the iPad’s higher resolution. There is an option however to use "Compatibility Mode" which will let you continue to use the iPhone app at no extra charge but without the higher resolutions. The iPhone app can stream from all Slingboxes.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is available now for £17.99 from the App Store or via iTunes. You can check out exactly what the app does on the video below.

Occam's Razor

November 25, 2010, 2:04 pm

Slingbox should be massive with a novel, useful product with first move advantage in the market.

I struggle to think of a worse run company in the tech industry.


November 25, 2010, 8:57 pm

Not impressed they expect existing Slingplayer mobile customers to shell out full price again of the iPad version. I'd be happy to pay even half the price as a concession but anything more than that is just going to upset existing customers. Hence I won't be buying it even though I mostly use the old version on the iPAd (rather than iPhone)


November 28, 2010, 5:23 pm

completely agree on both of above comments, and to add my 2c:

(1) the marketing strategy is so poor that (as a relative techie) up till a year ago i had been making do with a manual 'equivalent' streaming set-up through VLC and a customly written remote control app - it was only then I discovered that a system (slingbox) already existed as the exact product i was looking for!

The product base is hugely impressive - it generally just works and stays running 24/7 with no reboots ever. What's crazy is that with a great framework in place, slingmedia doesn't put that little bit of extra effort to customize it for the different UK tv media - i.e. BT Vision, Virgin Standard Box, Virgin V+ Box, freeview pvrs - you can find addons online but it should be out-of-the-box perfect for a newbie to use (and marketed as such).

Also, for some reason the way the company completely lost interest in slingcatcher really baffles me (so much so that they even sold a batch to me for half-price for £99!) - again a simple innovation would be to actually launch physical remotes that clone those of virgin/sky/etc - otherwise the system is too confusing for e.g. my parents to use when they want to watch sports channels at their home from mine remotely.

(2) iphone version - for some reason have been hugely underwhelmed by the quality of this. just try the sky sports mobile app and its like night and day (the sky one is literally perfect, inc. cricket/tennis etc - the sling app is very poor in comparison). Not quite sure why this is considering sling on laptop or the catcher is generally very good.

It kind of reminds me of another company, digiguide - both had great products / first mover advantage and thus far have completely failed to capitalize on the opportunity..

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