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Sling Media Launches Slingbox Pro-HD


Sling Media Launches Slingbox Pro-HD

A long time ago (January) in a land far, far away (America) Sling Media announced it was producing an HD version of its Slingbox, set to launch in August. It's a month later than promised, but the Slingbox Pro-HD is now with us so is it still worth getting excited about?

Well, under the surface the Slingbox Pro-HD is pretty much the sams Slingbox Pro we know and love, but with the added bonus of streaming 1080i video (and accompanying audio) either over Ethernet or wirelessly. Better still, if you're lucky enough to live on the same road as your exchange and can wrangle at least a 1.5Mbit upload speed then the Slingbox will perform the same trick on the web. As with previous Slingboxes, the video quality is dynamically adjusted in line with the connection speed, so a faster upload will yield higher quality video.

Specs-wise the Slingbox Pro-HD boasts input support up to 1080i (i.e. it won't downscale 1080p before transmitting) and also notably lacks an HDMI input, offering just two high-definition capable Component inputs. The US version offers HD satellite and cable tuners, so it's possible a UK SLingbox Pro-HD could accept HD Freesat, which would definitely be a decent feature to have. Draft-N wireless is built-in and, oddly enough, highly recommended for streaming HD content.

If you happen to live in America, then $300 will net you a Slingbox Pro-HD right now.

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