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Slim Is In For Expanded Dell Inspiron Z Series

Gordon Kelly


Slim Is In For Expanded Dell Inspiron Z Series

Dell has been on something of a thin and light bender recently (most notably with the Adamo XPS), so it stands to reason its new laptops would also be on strict diets...

Joining the 11.6in Inspiron 11z are the new 13.3in '13z' and 15.6in '15z'. Both machines show off their beach bods measuring from just 17.2 and 26.3mm thick respectively at their thinnest points and weighing 1.79Kg and 2.39Kg. Furthermore there are brains behind the beauty,

Each comes equipped with an LED backlit display, a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Solo ULV processors, up to 6GB RAM, 320GB 7,200rpm HDDs, HDMI, WiFi and extended batteries. Four and six cell batteries provide five and eight hours of running time on the 13z with the 15z managing eight and ten hours on its six and nine cell options. The four and six cell batteries will also recharge to 80 per cent capacity within 60 minutes. Naturally enough, Dell is shipping both machines with Windows 7 and has wisely opted for the 64bit edition given the enlarged RAM on offer.

As with all Dell machines, prices start extremely low at just £479 incl. VAT for the 13z and £499 for the 15z, but can escalate to nearly triple this depending on how you spec them up. Obsidian black and cherry red finishes are available and the duo go on sale immediately.

And yes, expect them to be just the latest in many, many laptop line refreshes over the next few weeks...


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