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SkypeKit Brings Skype to Virtually Any Device

Gordon Kelly


SkypeKit Brings Skype to Virtually Any Device

We've big fans of VoIP and in all truth were networks not convinced it would destroy their businesses (Three excepted) and turn them into nothing more than mobile ISPs (it would) this geography free tech would have replaced cellular calls a long time ago. Skype knows this and as the biggest VoIP company on the planet it has decided enough is enough...

It has announced the 'SkypeKit Beta Program' which is a collection of software and APIs which allow "almost any Internet-connected device, application, or web site to offer Skype voice and video calling." Skype gives examples such as tablets, game consoles, photo frames, cars, wristwatches and "gadgets yet to be imagined".

Developers who use SkypeKit will gain official 'Plugged into Skype' monikers which - much like the 'Made for Apple' tag is a descriptor that signals to consumers their products offer formally approved Skype functionality.

Yes Skype has offered public APIs before, but the difference this time around is no Skype desktop application is required to make them work. It describes SkypeKit as a "headless" version of Skype, "a Skype client with no user interface that runs invisibly, not only on PCs, but also TVs, notebooks, and other connected devices. Developers communicate with SkypeKit through the SkypeKit API, surfacing Skype calls through their own applications." In other words: get the functionality, use your own brand, capitalise on a market differentiator. As for Skype it benefits by having its technology embedded into ever more devices.

Interested developers can check out the SkypeKit Beta Program link below, though registrations will only be activated on an invitation only basis until the beta period ends. My first thought: I'd quite like a Skype belt - make it happen people...

In every so slightly related mobile devicey type news Apple has announced it has sold a whopping three million iPads in the 80 days since the product first went on sale in the US. I'm still not convinced, Hugo is still very much convinced and I would have quoted what Steve Job's reaction was to these sales figures but he used the word "magical" again.

Not on our site Stevey boy.


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