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Skype For PSP Indefinitely Delayed


Skype For PSP Indefinitely Delayed

Unfortunately for those after the feature, Sony has confirmed that Skype on the PSP, and the microphone add-on scheduled to d├ębut with it, have been put on permanent hiatus as the accessory didn't meet the specification required by the VoIP provider.

Considering the product and firmware update needed to use it were supposed to launch, in Japan at least, on the 24th, (i.e. tomorrow) one would have thought Sony might have identified the problem sooner than now and hopefully rectified it. Mind you, as we all know, common sense and Sony don't often mix. According to today's announcement, Sony is now looking for other ways to enable users to start using Skype features and services on their PSP and these will be announced in due course.

Quite why the microphone failed Skype's certification process remains a mystery as indeed did, until today, the fact that Skype even had a certification process. Considering the number of, frankly, crappy third party microphones being used by millions of Skype users worldwide, we can't believe it's a quality issue. Anyway, it's a moot point because regardless of the reason, for the immediate future there isn't going to be any VoIP on the PSP and there's nothing any of us can do to change that. Here's hoping for the rapid finding of a solution or alternative.

Update: Slight false alarm people, the official word from Sony is that the delay is Japan only and the rest of the world is still on schedule - whatever that may be.


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