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Skype 3.0 Beta Made Available

Gordon Kelly


Skype 3.0 Beta Made Available

With embedded Skype VoIP handsets coming out our ears in recent months it is easy to forget about the software application itself. Thankfully, Skype hasn’t…

Version 3.0 of the uber popular app has just launched and it brings with it some tasty new improvements of which the most notable is ‘Click-to-Call’.

This feature works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer and enables phone numbers inside a browser to be embedded into Skype’s SkypeOut functionality. For example: you surf on over to a restaurant website, like the look of it, decide to book, find the number and Skype automatically recognises these digits and allows you to click on them to make the call. A similar feature has been inside Windows Mobile for smartphones for a while though it only recognises numbers written into emails and text messages not browsers.

Also shiny and new is the latest version of ‘Skypecasts’ which now integrates directly into the application itself. I discussed Skypecasts in detail when the beta for Skype 2.5 launched in May but in sum they are live, moderated conversations of up to 100 people which can be set up like forums to discuss any kind of topic from cuisine to rhinoplasty.

Finally programmers have been applying some spit and polish to Skype’s interface. The old toolbar has been ‘broken up’ to place the most convenient tools beside relevant sections, the tabs have been made easier to navigate and call volume can finally be adjusted directly from the call tab (about flippin’ time).

3.0 Beta looks to be the largest – and best – overhaul of Skype for some time. Unless you’re totally terrified of all things non-gold I suggest you potter over here and check it out for yourself.


Skype 3.0 Beta Page

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