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Skyfire Windows Mobile Browser Handles Flash

Gordon Kelly


New Windows Mobile Browser Supports Flash Sites

While the first screenshots of Mobile Firefox excited us, a newcomer has appeared out of the blue and knocked our socks off...

It's name is 'skyfire' and it offers a trio of intriguing prospects: 1. It is the first mobile browser to support flash meaning native support for sites like YouTube, Google Maps and Flickr 2. Boasts of unprecedented speed with the developers claiming "You'll load web pages as fast as your PC" - even without HSDPA. 3. It's completely free and trialling now.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty and those inevitable caveats. Skyfire is designed for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 handsets (a Symbian version will follow) and initially they must have a full Qwerty keyboard. Testers must also be based in the US with a wider geographic roll-out not scheduled until later in the year. Finally, potential testers have to wait for skyfire to provide them with a beta access code and you'll be left hanging until they do.

Still the skyfire team seem fearless in their promotion of this potentially game-changing browser and if its real world performance comes anywhere close to its stunning video demo this could be something very special indeed. Furthermore, if it is a hit, expect the big boys to start circling with their chequebooks...



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