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SkyHD Channel Line-Up Changes

David Gilbert


SkyHD Channel Line-Up Changes

Memorising channel numbers is a challenge to some people. Go into the home of one of these people and without even asking "is there anything on TV?", they will want to astound you by showing they know the EPG number to every one of Sky’s 17,567 channels. While news of Sky’s decision to regularise the HD channel line up may come as a bitter blow to these people, for the rest of us it’s pretty good news.

Sky today announced that for its HD customers the position of 40 HD channels will be swapped with their Standard Definition (SD) counterpart from 1 February. Therefore Sky 1 HD will now occupy channel 106 with the SD version heading to the nether regions of channel 170, never to be seen again. Something similar will happen for all 40 channels in Sky’s HD package, which Sky says will “make it even easier for customers to discover and enjoy the best in pay television.” However those of you still watching in SD won’t see any change in the EPG in relation to these channels.

There will also be some other movement within the EPG with some channels getting a more prominent position. For example Comedy Central will move up 14 places from 126 to 112 with MTV filling the void, making a big step up from channel number 350. Check out the source link below for the full list of channel changes.

For all those people wanting to soak up Don Draper and his chain-smoking, vodka-swilling friends from Mad Men (along with a host of other HBO shows), you will be able to check them out on Sky Atlantic from 1 February. Sky Atlantic will be situated at channel 108 for both SD and HD subscribers – with the prominent channel position reflecting the growing following Mad Men, The Wire and other HBO shows have on this side of the Atlantic.

Source: Sky

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