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Sky Upping All Broadband Connections to 20Mbit

Gordon Kelly


Sky Upping All Broadband Connections to 20Mbit

Virgin Media's cable broadband may be running away with the UK speed crown, but Sky could well be the new DSL champ. Murdock's minions have announced it will soon provide all subscribers with a free upgrade to a 20Mbit service. Catches? Actually, not many.

From 1 June Sky will simplify its broadband services with two primary packages: 'Sky Unlimited' and 'Sky Everyday Lite'. The former will cost £7.50pm for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk or £12.50pm for those without and will have no traffic shaping and no fair use policy.

In Sky's own words: "It comes with no usage caps, fair use policies or traffic management, making it ideal for those who want the freedom to download emails, photos, TV programmes, movies and games. It’s also ideal for those who want to access live and on-demand TV through Sky Player." Yep, good stuff.

As for Sky Everyday Lite this will be offered free to Sky TV customers with Sky Talk or for £5pm for those without and comes with a 2GB monthly usage allowance meaning it will only appeal to casual surfers. Still... free!.

Both Sky Unlimited and Everyday Lite packages require signing up to a 12 month contract - whether you are a new or existing user with the packages being made available from 1 June.

For those wondering about Sky Connect, the company's existing wholesale product, that will continue for now, but with a price of £17pm and a 40GB monthly allowance you might as well migrate to Sky Unlimited if you have the choice.

Naturally enough, this being a DSL service, speeds can vary dramatically from area to area so only a lucky few will get close to the full fat 20Mbit. That said, if you don't want to splash a small fortune on cable or have no need for its extra performance, Sky's new deals are compelling.


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