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Sky TV Comes To Vodafone

Gordon Kelly


Sky TV Comes To Vodafone

It is just a few months since mega-monoliths Vodafone and Microsoft teamed up and the network giant is shaking hands again – this time with digital broadcast giant Sky.

In a rather mouth watering alliance Vodafone’s 3G mobiles will now be able to receive 19 Sky TV channels including Sky One, MTV, Discovery, History and Biography Channels. Content will vary, with some channels broadcast “as live” allowing users to watch in real time, others will be customised for handsets with groups of programmes updated on a regular basis. Best of all, everyone of Vodafone’s 250,000 3G punters will be able to get the service for free until the end of January, after which it will cost a very reasonable £5 per month.

Of course, Vodafone isn’t the first mobile operator to offer a channel package, with both O2 and Orange announcing deals earlier in the year. O2 coupled with the BBC and Orange slapped backs with ITN amongst others. Vodafone is the first to directly approach Sky, however, and tantalisingly – given Sky’s crippling grasp of sports coverage in this country – it could pave the way for live mobile transmissions of cricket, rugby, tennis, boxing and (most importantly!) Premiership football…

So next year can I picture myself walking down the street screaming “We hate Sunderland” as I watch Emre curl yet another beautiful free kick past the hapless Mackem defence? You bet I can… :)


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