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Sky Promises 'unrivalled' HD Olympics Coverage


Sky Promises 'Unrivalled' HD Olympics Coverage

If you're looking for some Olympic news and the idea of a sending a bit of cash charity's way in exchange for an Olympic-themed Lenovo notebook doesn't whet your appetite, Sky may have something that will. Subscribers to Sky HD are being promised "unrivalled" high definition coverage of the 2008 Games - sounds good to us!

The broadcaster is backing up this claim with the promise of access to the BBCs HD Olympics coverage from 2am until 6pm every day, in edition to the (subscription-required) Eurosport HD coverage that will run from 2am to 5pm. The rest of each channel's time will be dedicated to highlights. It also points out that the PVR functionality of the Sky HD Box will be a great boon to those who aren't prepared or able to stay up or get up for the events held at less than UK-friendly times.

As many of you will doubtless remember, Sky recently cut the price of its HD receiver, making it an even more compelling option. Of course you'll be able to grab the BBC's programming in HD on Freesat (and general free-to-air satellite) as well, but Eurosport is a Sky-only option and pretty much a must-have for the real Olympic enthusiast - as much as we have to admit as such about any paid-for service.

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