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Sky Launches Webcam Games


Sky Launches Webcam Games

While you're waiting for Project Natal and Sony's motion controller to arrive, Sky has just the thing for you: Webcam games. As the name implies, these games are controlled using not a controller, but instead track motion via a webcam.

Running in any browser that can handle Shockwave, Sky's webcam games aren't exactly going to pose a threat to Crysis or Call of Duty 4, but then players of such titles are hardly Sky's intended audience. Rather, Sky is targeting gamers that fancy flapping their arms around a bit to get a bird to fly, or swim a couple of lengths of a swimming pool.

Currently only single player games are available, but a two-player "Sumo" game is supposed to be 'coming soon' suggesting a reasonable level of versatility to the tracking method used, even despite being simple enough to run with any webcam. Given most PC users in Sky's target audience will have a webcam - it's probably harder to find a laptop that don't offer one - not requiring dedicated hardware is clearly a boon.

I'll be sticking to my keyboard and mouse for my PC gaming, but if you're feeling more energetic then by all means, knock yourself out.


Sky Webcam Games.


July 22, 2009, 12:47 am

Did anyone ever play a game on a palm smartphone where you shoot mosquitos around your living room? The phone camera would capture the image of your surroundings and overlay flying bugs which you then promptly shot. This sort of game amazed me at the time.

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