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Sky Go!View Launches


Sky Go!View Launches

Sony and sky announced Go!View back in April, a collaboration between the two parties set to allow users to download Sky broadcasts to their PSPs. We have to admit we've been looking forward to seeing how the service would turn out. The wait is now over because Go!View is now live, needing only a Sky login and, if you want the premium content, a credit card should you wish to sample its wares.

Both pay-per-video and subscription content is available, in addition to some free content. Three subscriptions are available, Sports, Entertainment and Comedy costing £5, £8 and £10 for one, a choice of two or all three packs respectively. Sky says it will price 'pay as you go' content on a per-item basis. Currently that appears to be in the £2 to £3.50 region.

Content is downloaded using a peer-to-peer download manager based on the same Kontiki software that powers 4oD and the iPlayer. Unlike the latter, though, Go!View programmes can only actually be watched once transferred to a PSP.

It's an interesting concept certainly, but we'll have to wait and see whether the viewing public can be persuaded they want to watch such content as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Top Gear Series 9 or the Guinness Premiership Final on their PSPs.


Sky Go!View.


July 15, 2008, 6:08 pm

You need computer software? Only a PC?

You can only watch recorded content (no live feed?)

Who are they kidding?

For the same hassle less the price I can get the same shows from Piratebay and co.

I am willing to pay for content but make it something I cannot get for free!

Sky, here's something really easy for you to do. No software needed on hte PSP. Get a Location Anywhere license from Sony. Install some live servers with PVR on your end. Get people to subscribe to your service and give them the locations anywhere decvice ID. Simple, done.

Now for recorded content, find a way to get this thing to download directly to my PSP without a computer. Everyone's doing it. Get with the game.

As it stands , your system will FAIL.

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