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Sky Debuts 'Never Miss'


Sky Debuts 'Never Miss'

It's a common enough issue: you hear about an awesome new series that's coming to Sky some time in the future, or a film which is soon to hit the relevant channels, but forget to actually watch either. With Never Miss, Sky is doing its part to reduce the chance of that happening.

The idea is simple: log in to your Sky account, head over to the Never Miss section of the website and select the film or series you wish to have Sky keep you updated about. Sky will then send an email reminder out before such viewing fodder is to be broadcast.

A sky subscription isn't needed to use the service, although its usefulness is obviously diminished without one. Sky+ and Sky+HD subscribers will see the added benefit of being able to schedule recording of series and films well in advance of their appearance on Sky's EPG - definitely a worthwhile feature.

Never Miss is oddly stated as a beta for the moment, but so far as I can tell that doesn't actually impact on the service's operation so get going if you're the forgetful type.


Sky - Never Miss.

Tony Walker

March 30, 2009, 2:20 am


I can just set a wishlist on my Tivo and forget about it. Then set a "Season Pass" when the programme comes round which will cope with missed weeks and stay set between series. Sky's series link is garbage and whilst setting recordings on Sky+ is easy, the recording reliability is appalling. I've had a Tivo (UK v1) for a long time now and still nothing compares.


March 30, 2009, 4:34 am

@Tony Walker - you have Sky+ AND Tivo? Aren't these in completely different continents?!

Also, I just use TV Plus on the iPhone to view the schedule, search listings and set my Sky+ remotely from anywhere in the world :)

Tony Walker

March 31, 2009, 9:03 am


I think my note that I used the UK v1 machine rather gave away that I was using both in the UK.

I also don't have to pay for the extra functionality as the Tivo can be made to run a web server where you can do all that.

Plus Tivo's recording reliability is orders of magnitude ahead of Sky+.

Will be interesting to see what the Sky HD box's new user interface has brought to the table - got the "rolling out shortly" letter this<del><del><del><del> yesterday morning.

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