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Sky Announces Budget HD Box

David Gilbert


Sky Announces Budget HD Box

While 3D may be the new thing on the block, High Definition is still a very new standard and Sky has announced a budget HD box to tempt more people to use it’s high definition service.

Sky’s “affordable” HD box offers the same service as the original Sky + HD box but without the ability to record any shows. The budget box will come for free for new subscribers to Sky Multiroom, although there is a £30 set-up charge for totally new customers and £60 for current subscribers extending their packages. The affordable tag of the new HD box goes out the window though for those who already have multi-room, with the box costing those customers £99.

Hilary Perchard, Sky's Director of Product Management, said: "We want to offer customers as much choice as possible, both in terms of content and innovation. Therefore, as the appetite for HD viewing grows we want to make this service available to customers throughout the house so they are always able to watch great content in high definition."

While the budget box will no doubt tempt some who want the HD experience in multiple rooms in the house, the lack of the PVR feature will no doubt turn some people off and the inability to stream recorded content from the main Sky+ HD box to this budget box is also a disappointment. While the introduction of more affordable technology is always welcome, bringing more features would also be welcome.

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