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Sky 3D Launch Date Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Sky 3D Launch Date Unveiled

Yes, 3D - it's really 2D surfaces presented at different depths, I don't think it adds anything to a film and encourages directing on rails, while also being stupidly expensive and impractical - BUT many others disagree...

So if you find yourself in that group then you'll be pleased as punch to hear Sky 3D will officially launch on Saturday 3 April. The debut feature will be Manchester United verses Chelsea, which is somewhat akin to its trial of Arsenal verses Manchester United in nine pubs on 31 January.

Following this five additional Premier League teams will get the 2D surfaces presented at different depths 3D treatment before the end of the season along with the Coca-Cola Football League Play-Off Finals from Wembley Stadium in May. Between these major events Sky will also be running a range of different programming during selected hours of the day.

Unlike the trial, Sky will make the service available to consumers as well with the logically named 'Sky 3D' channel appearing in its EPG before 3 April. Interested customers will need to be HD subscribers and call Sky to give details of the 3D TV they own in order to activate the channel. It will initially be available at no extra cost for customers who subscribe to Sky’s top channels and HD pack.

Sky 3D supports both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ 3D formats (yes it is the new capacitive verses resistive) so it will work happily will all makes of 3D TV. The launch is ahead of when we had expected since "summer" had been the loosely touted timeframe, so it looks like Sky has things well in hand. Until then, check out our Sky 3D guide.


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