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Sky 3D Gets 1 October Launch Date


Sky 3D Gets 1 October Launch Date

Sky 3D will officially launch on Friday 1 October 2010, Sky has confirmed today and will be free to all Sky HD subscribers.

Content-wise, Sky said that it has lined up deal with all the major studios, such as Disney, Fox, Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount and DreamWorks – though we noted that Sony is not on the list.

When queried on this, a Sky spokesperson told TrustedReviews that, "we’re in discussions with all of our studios and will confirm further content partners as we near launch... it would be inappropriate to comment on the status of commercial negotiations."

For now though, movie-wise, the films Bolt and Monster vs. Aliens will be shown at launch, with 3D titles such as Alice in Wonderland, Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs; Coraline; Fly Me To The Moon and Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince all appearing in the run up to Christmas.

Sky is pushing the Ryder Cup for sports, as long as you like golf, and Premier League football matches too.

Sky has been running Sky 3D as a soft launch for some time, and has been accessible on request to those who already own a 3DTV and TrustedReviews took a first look Sky’s service back in April. The service will work with any TVs using both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ format. It has also been showing football matches in pubs and clubs and Sky said that there are now 1,500 3D enabled venues in the UK.

Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG all now offer 3DTVs and all expect to sell millions of sets across Europe by the end of the year.

In a separate announcement, Sky announced a tie-up with HBO and said it would have exclusive right to show all new-HBO shows in high-definition. HBO was home to such shows as The Sopranos and The Wire, so there’s every chance its new stuff will be worth watching too.

And if you’re waiting for the tech angle here, these shows will be available through Sky’s upcoming Anytime+ on-demand service. This will bring hundreds of hours of shows available via the internet – though initially only to Sky Broadband customers.

Link: Sky 3D

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