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SkunkJuice Headphones Protect Your Player

David Gilbert


Innovation and a real sense of humour go a long way in helping a product to succeed. Naming that product after the emissions from one of nature's smelliest creatures, however, doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

Launched at CES last week, SkunkJuice earbuds come in two parts. The earbuds and the headphone jack connector which connect via a magnetic connection, which automatically detaches when too much stress is placed upon it, thereby removing the possibility of damaging your PMP, laptop, PC etc. and of course your ears. The unique design also has a second magnetic end which allows for your friends to share your music, if they too possess a pair of the magnetic earbuds.

As you can see from the two promotion videos, the guys behind SkunkJuice have a pretty good sense of humour which helps a great deal when promoting a product – especially one with such a strange name. We have all been in a situation where we forget to remove our headphones when leaving our desk and find our head yanked backwards while our laptop crashes to the ground. SkunkJuice removed this problem and even promises “potent audio quality” even when you are sharing your music with your friends. SkunkJuice allows you to connect with up to three friends at the same time via the magnetic connector. We also saw at CES, wireless Bluetooth headphones which can connect four people to one source, which seem like a more elegant is a lot more expensive solution.

The earbuds are currently available costing $35.99 which includes a free pair of extra earbuds so you can share with a friend straight away. The headphone jack connector alone costs $12.99.

Source: Skunk Juice via Macworld

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