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Shuttle Unveils 3.3cm Thick Ion2 Nettop

Gordon Kelly


Shuttle Unveils 3.3cm Thick Ion2 Nettop

Much like netbooks, there can be a sense that all nettops are virtually equal - but, to quote Mr Orwell: some are more equal than others.

So taking the prize for sexiest nettop I've seen to date is Shuttle with the 'Barebone XS35' - a beautiful brushed metal nettop which is just 3.3cm wide yet somehow still manages to squeeze in a DVD writer.

Perhaps the best news is Shuttle has also dared to be different with the XS35 internals. A slightly more mighty Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz dual core processor is at its heart and lines up alongside an Nvidia Ion2 GPU. Interestingly Shuttle lists the Ion2 as a GT218 and we hadn't heard any specific chip detailed for it up until this stage. Consequently this means 32 stream processors and fractionally more oomph than the 9400 that the original Ion was based upon. Furthermore, the GT218 is fabbed at 40nm which should mean it is even more power efficient.

Given this graphical prowess the XS35 is happy playing back Full HD video and comes equipped with HDMI plus VGA, Ethernet and 5x USB ports. Topping this off is passive cooling enabling it to run pretty much silent and making it a real killer for the living room.

The Barebone XS35 will be shown off at CeBIT this week ({point proved) and will launch in Q2. One concern is there's no pricing as yet and I would expect a premium since just about everything else on this nettop seems too good to be true...



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