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Shuttle Makes Hardcore, Dual Core, SFF Gaming King

Gordon Kelly


Shuttle Makes Hardcore, Dual Core, SFF Gaming King

Over the years we’ve developed a sweaty, sticky, oozey and disturbing kind of love for Shuttle and its stylish Small Form Factor PCs. I’m sure you can empathise.

The latest model to have us secreting amorous fluids of various colours and consistencies is the XPC P2 3700G which proves anything a desktop can do an SFF can match and look sexier doing it.

Designed targeting the richest most hardcore of all gamers, the 3700G is based on the Barebone SD37P2 and maxes out in every possible direction. For a start it features an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor X6800 (currently the fastest CPU on the market), comes loaded with four (count ‘em) gigabytes of RAM and graphics are handled by no less than nVidia’s monster GeForce 7950GX2 ‘SLI-in-1’ card.

Furthermore a 400GB Samsung SpinPoint T Series hard drive provides capacious storage while the Intel 975X chipset is fitted with high definition audio and 1000Mbps Ethernet while a 16x dual DVD writer and crazy 22-in-1 memory card reader finish off the package.

Naturally with a machine of such extreme oomph, the price tag is going to be horrendous and at 3044 euros it fulfils our worst fantasies. That said lower configurations are available with base models starting from just under £800 and you will get a two year warranty thrown in.

Even so why compromise (or have a house/car/shirt on your back) when you can get something as deliciously OTT as the 3700G right now…?


Shuttle 3700G Product Page

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